Lower Chesapeake Bay - Tangier Sound Fishing & Hunting Parties

Deal Island Tangier Sound Sunset Kingfish II

Kingfish II is docked at at 8925 Deal Island Road, Deal Island Maryland 21821
For directions to the marina from MD Route 13 click here

Princess Anne Hotels

(all approximately 25 miles from Kingfish location)

Econo Lodge 410-651-9400
10936 Market Ln, Princess Anne, MD 21853

America's Best Value Inn 410-651-1107
30359 Mount Vernon Rd, Princess Anne, MD

Washington Hotel Inn 410-651-2525
11784 Somerset Ave, Princess Anne, MD

Stay Local

There are a number of great private home rentals available on Deal Island and surrounding areas, some will take short term rentals - let Captain Harry know your party's size/accomodation needs and we can recommend convenient to Kingfish II places to stay

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Deal Island Private Home Rentals

(Please contact us at 443.871.3499 we can recommend private home rentals closer in proximity to the marina!)

The Farm House 410.784.2179
11359 Hodson White Road, Dames Quarter, MD 21821

The Relax-Inn Deal Island 602.628.9239